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A Life Of Surprises

The Best Of Prefab Sprout

Released in July 1992

Produced by Thomas Dolby (Tracks

Produced by Phil Thornally (Track 2)

Produced by Stephen Lipson (Tracks 3.13)

Produced by Prefab Sprout and David Brewis (Track 8)

Produced by Jon Kelly and Paddy McAloon (Track 9)

Produced by Prefab Sprout (Track 11)

Produced by Andy Richards (Track 15)

All songs by Paddy McAloon

Ref : 471886 2

Paddy McAloon : Voice, Guitars, Keyboards

Martin McAloon : Bass Guitar

Wendy Smith : Voice

Neil Conti : Drums

Peter Vitesse : Organ on "If You Don't Love Me"

Paul Harvey : Guitar on "If You Don't Love Me"

Richard Cottle : Keyboards on "The Sound Of Crying"